February update on Athy road

Special meeting Re Athy Distributor Road :

1. Advance contracts August 2018 – Feb 2019

2. Soil sampling Asbestos – March 2018

3. Archeology – July 2018 onwards

4. Land acquisition – March2018 onwards

5. Pre tenders evaluated Q1 2019

6. Tenders awarded Q 3 2019

7. Main road commences Q1 2020

8. Road opens Q1 2022

Just have come from the special Cllr meeting with Cllr Aoife Breslin .

Above are the time lines we were given today , work is ongoing on the road and we were again informed that there is no problem regarding funding. The road will have a special noise reduction surface the full length, similar to what you see and hear at Newlands cross in Dublin. Soil testing for Asbestos will commence in March this year and will be completed by a competent , ISO registered company. Work will be completed on the stream at Corran Ard in June and July of this year . A protective barrier will also be put in place along the route in the coming months for the safety of everybody. Archeological testing will commence in the summer of this year 2018. Consultation with landowners and those affected by the works will commence next week. Detailed design works will carry on throughout 2018. The road will have a 60km speed limit. New bridges at river barrow and railway line .We were told work on main road will commence in Q1 2020 and the road will open in Q 1 2022.

As always we are available to meet and or answer any questions you may have.

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Ready to go in Newbridge !

Cmon Kildare !!

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Dog fouling to be tackled in Athy

Further to continued representations from Residents and pedestrians in the town , I am pleased to note that Kildare County Council will install their new audible warning systems in the town . I expect the scheme to be in place within the next two weeks and the warning systems will be followed up with additional and new signs and of course enforcement.

We cannot allow the unacceptable situation of young children and vulnerable pedestrians bringing home this dirt that not only is unsightly but carries serious health risks as well. I’ll confirm an exact installation day shortly. We must raise awareness of this serious problem.

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December update on Athy Distributor road 

Following the December meeting of the Athy Municipal District , it was confirmed that work will commence on the much needed Distributor road in 2018. This work will begin in and around the Dunbrinn and Corran Ard estates of our town. These works will include a new culvert at the stream in Corran Ard and fencing along the route for the safety of everybody. Investigations along the route will continue during this time also.Kildare County Council officials confirmed that funding was not an issue for the completion of the road and that advertisements regarding the compulsory purchase of land for the road were placed in local papers last week. Council have also begun to engage with Resident associations along the route.Kildare County Council will meet with the area Cllr’s in January to confirm more accurate timelines for the delivery of the road and are working on improving the finishing date of 2022 given at the November meeting of Council. I will keep you informed of all progress, we must see diggers on site in 2018, funding we are told is not a problem , the road must be delivered.

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Small grant scheme for our Sports Clubs

Cllr Mark Wall has welcomed the unanimous support he recently received at the Athy Municipal District meeting on setting up a small grant scheme to assist the many wonderful sports clubs that we have in the District.

Cllr Wall commented ” I hope that this scheme will be adopted by other Municipal Districts in the area to assist all our Sports clubs. Recently while dealing with many clubs in the preparation of their applications for the National Sports Capital Grants , there were many clubs that could not apply for varying reasons yet these clubs cater for so many within our communities and their volunteers carry out such good work. I would hope this scheme could assist those clubs but also those that did apply for funding with some of their smaller but most important needs.

We truly cannot value how much all these clubs mean to community life and most importantly the health and well being of those that use them. Hopefully what can become an annual grant scheme will help them with the growing amount of fundraising that they need to carry out to survive.

I look forward to this scheme being rolled out in the Athy area in the quickest possible time , benefiting as many as possible.

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Council scheme could help most vulnerable

Cllr Mark Wall has welcomed the support from his fellow Cllr’s for the provision of funding to assist with the purchase of house alarms for the most vulnerable within the communities of the Athy Municipal District.

Speaking following his motion to the recent Council meeting in Athy, Cllr Wall stated , we are all aware of the personal alarm that is available from various community groups in our areas. However I’ve being contacted by a growing number of families who are worried about their loved ones who are in many cases living alone and unfortunately in fear. The purpose of this scheme would be to assist with the cost of a house alarm for those individuals , allowing them to feel more secure in their homes and protecting the most vulnerable in our communities.

Statistics from the Gardai will tell us that active house alarms are a deterrent to those that want to destroy our communities with the growing menace of house break-ins and thefts.

We must protect those that need protection within this District and I believe this way is a positive development along this road. I look forward to the scheme being launched and the first houses availing of assistance.

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November update on Athy Distributor Road

Following today’s council update , Cllr Wall has sought further clarification from Kildare County Council on the timelines for completion of the road.

Previously we were assured by Council and their consultants that an indicative completion time for the road was the 3rd Quarter of 2020, today we were informed this could be 2022.

At the same time the Council are saying there is “ No problem with funding “ , Council have enough staff at this stage of the project and most surprising the council state the project is moving quicker than expected.

Upon questioning the senior engineer , we were informed that the CPO’s ( Compulsory Purchase Orders ) for the land will be published in January and that a number of contracts for the road would progress in 2018.

The parts of the road identified for these contracts meaning actual diggers on site include the part of the road by the Dunbrinn and Corran Ard estates where the Council stated they wanted to work closely with the Residents , indicating monthly meetings with them.

Concluding , Cllr Wall stated “ We have being informed that we will get a specific timeframe for this road at our January 2018 meeting. Given previous indications , which have all happened to date, this new date of 2022 is unbelievable and needs urgent clarification. I’ve being providing monthly updates on this road following each Council meeting , the last one indicating planning had finally being achieved. Now is the not the time for delays , after all we’ve being told funding is not a problem, Athy and it’s people await the clarification, no further delays are acceptable.

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