Updates from Athy Area Meeting October 2010


  1. A.                 Southern Distributor Road, Athy..

Following discussions with the Department of Transport, Kildare County Council are currently preparing a Business Case for the Athy Southern Distributor Road including a Cost Benefit Analysis of the Scheme. The Kildare County Council Road Design Section should have the Business Case including the Cost Benefit Analysis completed by the end of October for submission to the Director of Transportation and the Athy Town Manager and subsequent submission for approval to the National Roads Authority and the Department of Transport.


E       Service signs on M9.

      The National Roads Design Office confirms that brown signs have been provided on the Motorway in each direction at Junction 4.

  1. F.                 Stanhope/Leinster Street junction, Athy.

The operation of the Emily Square junction has been observed by staff from the Traffic Management Section. A number of operational changes to the traffic signals are being considered and trialled.

  1. G.                Sponsorship by local businesses of landscaping on approach roads to towns.

This item has been listed for consideration by the Transportation SPC

J.         Athy Traffic Management Plan.

A preliminary meeting has been held with the National Transport Authority to discuss a list of potential sustainable transport schemes to be funded in 2011. In addition, the draft NTA Strategy is due to be published for public consultation at the end of the year. The implementation of the Athy Traffic Management Plan has been included on the list of potential schemes to be funded in 2011.