December Meeting of Athy Area Committee of Kildare County Council

Dear All,

I include the responses to the motions and questions that I placed at today’s meeting of the Athy Area Committee, if you would like to discuss the attached or any other issue, then please ring me on 083 3341488 at any time, thanks.

Councillor Wall

Can Kildare County Council confirm when the road at the cul de sac at Belan Lower Moone will be brought up to a proper standard following M9 works?

Report:  The cul de sac is on a list of works to be done.  There are some drainage works to be carried out first and then surface dressing.  It will be the New Year before the Area Office can reach on this work.

Councillor Wall

Can Kildare County Council bring the road at Dowdenstown Lower, Ballymore Eustace up to a proper standard?

Report:  Major resurfacing works would be required to bring this road up to a proper standard.  There is no funding available at present to attend to this work.

 Councillor Wall

Can Kildare County Councl bring the road at Bun Lane Kilmead up to a proper standard?

Report:  This road is a cul de sac.  There are no plans to carry out work on this road at the present time.  The road can be considered in light of the 2011 roadworks budget.

 Water and Environmental Services


  1. Councillor Wall

That Kildare County Council confirm when the flooding relief work at Lower Abbeylands, Castledermot will be completed

Report:  There is a flooding problem near the GAA pitch, at the Maganey road junction in Castledermot.  This is on the list of works to be carried out in the New Year.

 Planning and Economic Development


  1. Councillor Wall

That Kildare County Council confirms when the Hillcrest estate in Kilculen will be taken in charge.

Report: This estate cannot be taken in charge until all of the planning conditions have been complied with, outstanding remedial works are undertaken and the documentation (As Constructed Drawings, CCTV survey and vesting maps) required to complete the taking in charge process are provided.

 Housing, Community and Cultural Services


  1. Councillor Wall

That Kildare County Councl confirm the number of RAS housing units available in the Athy Area and if they Council are still in a position to accept new interests in the scheme

Report: Kildare County Council has entered into contracts for 53 units through the Rental Accommodation Scheme in the Athy area to date. The Rental Accommodation Scheme together with the Social Housing Leasing Scheme are now the main supply source to meet housing need. Accordingly expressions of interest for both schemes are considered in the context of prioritisation of housing need and the promotion of mixed tenure developments.

About Mark Wall

Member of Kildare County Council Contact 0833341488
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