Message from Athy Town Council

Message from Athy Town Council:
Athy Town Council thanks our customers for their patience and
understanding of the prevailing water demand situation and the necessity
for the Council to apply restrictions to the town’s water supply.
Regrettably, water pressure and supply issues are expected to continue
at a number of areas on Wednesday (and are likely to continue on

A restriction to the regional water supply is now in place (affecting
the Dublin and Kildare Road areas) and continues each evening until
further notice. Water supply will be turned off each evening from 7.30pm
to the following morning at 8am. Other areas in the town may also
experience reduced pressure/ supply, as a result of this restriction.

The Town Council has made the following arrangements for water tanker/
stand pipes (at various locations) and will update these periodically on
its website.

A water tanker service is being provided as follows:
Wednesday, 29th December (AM and PM)
– Coneyboro, Carlow Road 8am to 10am
– Ashville, Dublin Road 10am to 11am and 5pm to 6pm
– Coneyboro, Carlow Road 6pm to 8pm

Water supply points (with taps) from mains supply have been set up at a
number of locations throughout the town (subject to water pressure).
Currently the following 3 points are in operation:
– Emily Square (corner of Osborne’s Solicitors);
– Coney Burrows, Coneyboro, Carlow Road;
– Fortbarrington Road (outside No. 73 Pairc Bhride)

The public can access water at these locations on Wednesday/ Thursday
from 8.30am to 8pm.

NB: As a precautionary measure water from these taps/ tanker should be
boiled before using for drinking or cooking purposes. Please bring your
own clean water container as the Town Council is not supplying

The Town Council continues to appeal to householders and businesses to
conserve water. We also appeal to consumers to reduce their water
consumption and in particular, people are asked not to leave taps

Frozen pipes are still an issue despite the ongoing thaw, so if your
neighbours have water, there may be a problem with your own system not
the Public Mains. Please do not contact the Council if this is the case,
as nothing can be done.

The Town Council is monitoring the water supply situation on an ongoing
basis and will provide regular updates on its website and KFM radio.

If every household cuts back on their water usage by 10% this will have
a significant effect on water availability and enable us to return to
normal service sooner.

To update details from your area, please use the Customer Care
Submission Card

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