Urgent clean up of Canal required following Athy Fish Kill

Cllr Mark Wall has called on Inland Waterways and the local Authorities of Athy and Kildare to immediately begin a clean up of the area affected by the recent fish kill in Athy.

Speaking following the receipt of an interim report which stated that the direct cause of the kill is still not established, Cllr Wall stated that there was a concern among the angling community in Athy that unless the area affected was cleaned up, that it would be very difficult for fish to live and breed in this area again.

The interim report has 5 findings including the investigation of the foul sewer from where the toxic substance,causing the kill, arrived from. The report queries whether that drain can be diverted or changed and instructs the local authority to investigate this issue. However it also reports that the Environmental Section of Kildare County Council needs to carry out a biological assessment of the canal from the point of the spill down the canal including the barrow river.

The report concludes that their objective at this stage is to minimise the potential for polluting matter to enter these waters from known sources under the control of the local authority and or private industry. This, the report concludes can be done by the 5 action points including the investigation of existing pipes and the possible laying of new ones, with a biological assessment of the current situation. The next meeting and update on the issue will take place on the 20th January.

Concluding Cllr Wall stated “The importance of eliminating such a kill in the future cannot be over emphaised, the potential of angling tourism to the town as well as the social outlet it provides its inhabitants cannot be over looked. I want to support the calls from the local angling club that the canal at this area needs an immediate clean up, the club continue to provide an outlet for young and old in our town and Athy needs the amenity,  that is a fully stocked canal.  

For further details contact Mark Wall on 083 3341488

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