Positive News on Older Person Grants- Kildare County Council

Cllr Mark Wall has welcomed the news that Department of the Environment has confirmed an allocation of €3.56 million for the Older Person Grants and the Housing Adaption grant for persons with a Disability to Kildare County Council.

Speaking following a reply to his motion to the Athy area committee of Kildare County Council, Cllr Wall stated that the allocation of €3.56 million included €712,000 from the Council’s own resources. This amount follows on from the welcome allocation of €3.75 million which was allocated and spent last year. The reply went on to state that there were almost 400 current applications in the system, but the Council were still accepting new applicants, where there would be a waiting time of currently of  over 4 months. The grant was a yearly allocation and as such the Council would be expected to spend the amount granted within the current calendar year.

Cllr Wall went on to state that “The most welcome affect of these grants are two fold, firstly allowing older people and indeed those with disabilities to live at home, saving the state money but most importantly maintaining communities in these difficult times, the second affect is the fact that we will now see a further €3.5 million go directly into the local economy, €7.2 million in two years, monies that in many cases have maintained local businesses at such a difficult time. The importance of these grants must not be underestimated, this is the sort of joined up thinking that will see us get out of the current difficulties that we face, money well spent, maintaining communities, providing employment and saving the state coffers in hospital and nursing home expenses” concluded Cllr Wall.  


For further details contact Mark Wall on 083 3341488

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