Replies to Motions – Kildare County Council – June 2011 – Cllr Mark Wall

Agenda Report

Athy Area Committee, June 2011


  1. Councillor Wall

That the council update the members on the costings and design of traffic safety measures at the Showgrounds,Dublin Road, Athy.

Report:  The installation of a signalised pedestrian crossing between the entrances to the GAA and Rugby Clubs on the N78 has been approved for funding by the National Transport Authority in consultation with the Regional Road Safety Engineer from the National Roads Authority.  Work on this crossing will finish shortly and a Road Safety Audit will be completed following the installation works.  Advance speed actuated signage will be located on the N78 Approach from theM9 Link Road and these signs will illuminate to warn traffic that a crossing is ahead.  The cost of the measures is in the region of €50,000.


  1. Councillor Wall

That the council consider road improvements and traffic safety measures on the road at Derryoughter, Kildangan in the interest of public safety.

Report:  The Western Area Engineer requests to meet the Councillor on site to discuss this issue further


  1. Councillor Wall

That the council update its members on proposed traffic calming measures atBallyroeSchool, Athy.

Report:  A design has been prepared and will be circulated at the meeting.




 Councillor Wall

That the council carry out further traffic surveys atSunnyhill Roadin Kilcullen to determine the level of traffic using the road and what traffic safety measures can be considered.

Report:  This matter is being dealt with by Roads Design.  A report will issue to the members when the surveys have been completed.



  1. Councillor Wall

Can the council update its members on the use of traffic lights atMaganey Road, Athy?

Report:  It is hoped this situation will be resolved in the next few weeks.  The issues with Waterways Ireland and Eircom are being resolved.


  1. Councillor Wall

Can the council confirm when work will be carried out to improve the road surface at Yellowbog, Kilcullen?

Report:  Quotes are currently being sought for road repair works at Yellowbog, Kilcullen.  When the requested quotes have been received and evaluated, the requested road repairs will be attended to.


  1. Councillor Wall

Can the council investigate the need for improvement works to the water supply at Roundhills,Kilkenny Road, Athy?

Report: The Roundhills area of Athy is currently supplied directly by a water main from Laois County Council.  There are approximately 10 houses being fed from this public supply in the Roundhills area and, in general, pressure levels are adequate. 

While suspected leakage on the public water main is being investigated, there may be instances of leakage in some long service connections that, in turn, may be contributing to a reduction in water pressure to individual households.

The situation is being monitored by Athy Town Council and a review will be carried out following completion the Small Scheme Works that will supply water from the Regional Network to the Carlow road area of Athy.

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