Replies to Motions to Athy Area Committee


Athy Area Committee Meeting

Agenda Report

19 September 2011



Roads, Transport and Public Safety.

That Athy Area Committee receive an update on progress on the Southern Distributor Road.

Report:  Site investigation works for the Athy SDR should be starting before the end of September 2011.  These works will be supervised by the Council Consultant Engineers RPS.  Agreement has now been reached with most of the landowners regarding compensation and access to their lands for this work.



Councillor Wall

That the council confirm if they can upgrade the road surface at Kilberry, Athy following recent works, and if they are in a position to provide a footpath in Kilberry as previously discussed.

Report:  The Council, in conjunction with Board Na Mona, has strengthened the road surface in Kilberry at theCoke Lane.  There is an ongoing road improvement programme in Kilberry.  This programme, however, is dependant on continuing funding from the NRA.  There are no specific funds for footpaths in this area from the Council’s own budgets.  However, the Rural Development Programme has a Village and Countryside Renewal Programme that the Council may be able to access for funding for this particular project.


 Councillor Wall

Can the council update its members on the use of traffic lights atMaganey Road, Athy?

Report:  Work has been completed and the road re-opened.




Councillor Wall

Can the council confirm the up-to-date position in relation to their traffic survey atSunnyhill Roadin Kilcullen?

Report:  This survey is programmed to take place after the Ploughing Championships.

Councillor Wall

Can the council confirm when the infrastructure begun as part of the Athy Traffic Management Plan will be finished and have the council altered any of the traffic lights within the town to accommodate the new lighting?

Report from Traffic Management Section:  The immediate term improvements for vulnerable road users in the town that have been implemented for 2011 are:

  • Install a new pelican crossing on the N78 close to the GAA playing grounds
  • Signalise the junction of the N78 and theFortbarrington Roadand introduce narrower approaches and shorter crossing distances for pedestrians
  • Seek to provide a continuous level footpath from the railway station access to the east of the town along the N78 (work has been completed along the N78 nearFortbarrington Road).

The traffic signals at junctions in Athy are vehicle activated.  The signals run a certain green time depending on the competing demands for traffic movements. Therefore, the timings alter automatically depending on the traffic demand.


  1.  Councillor Wall

Can the council confirm when the footpaths in Nurney village will be completed?

Report:  The works forNurneyVillage has been broken up into three stages.  Stage one relates to the pedestrian bridge.  I am pleased to confirm that this work is substantially complete on the bridge and remaining works relating to reinstatement will be completed in the coming 2 weeks.

Stage two, relates to the provision of the footpath and parking bays.  Closing date for receipt of tender was Friday 16th September with a view to notifying the winning tender by Monday 19th September.  In the tender process contactors were made aware that an immediate start is required and were given a completion date of Friday 14th October.  Discussions will take place between the school, the contractor and the council to ensure safety issues can be addressed while the works take place.

Stage three involves the road surfacing and this will commence immediately after the footpath is complete.  The area office has set a target of having all works completed by the end of October which it feels is an achievable target.  It should be noted that there may be some unavoidable delays to traffic during the works.



Councillor Wall

That the council confirm the up to date position in relation to the new sewerage plant for Ballymore Eustace following previous meetings on this issue.

Report:  Matters are progressing well; all design aspects are complete, issues relating to accommodation works, wayleaves  and contract documentation are currently being finalised. It is proposed that the project will go to tender before the end of the current year.There will be two contracts involved ie, the waste water treatment plant and the network. A construction period of approximately one year is envisaged.

The members will be kept informed on progress.


  1. Councillor Wall      

That the council confirm the up to date position in relation to the taking in charge of the new Abbeylands estate in Castledermot.

Report:  The Council has served an enforcement notice requiring the development to be completed in accordance with the planning permission. The developer has failed to comply with the requirements of the enforcement notice to date and the file has been referred to the Council’s solicitors for further action. Abbeylands cannot be taken in charge until it has been completed satisfactorily in accordance with the planning permission.


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