News on road works in Nurney Village

Reply from Kildare County Council to concerns re current works in Nurney:
The object of the project was to change the feel of the area. Originally Nurney had the feel of a village on a main road. All priority was given to vehicular traffic with no consideration given to pedestrians. The aim of the project was to highlight the village and allow pedestrians to move freely through the village while at the same time regulate the speed of the passing vehicles and alert motorists that they are in a village environment.

To achieve this a number of measures where carried out.
1. Carriageway width was reduced to 6m to regulate vehicular speed.
2. Strategic crossing points for pedestrians to be provided by provision of elevated uncontrolled crossing points.
3. Carparking regulated and allowed where adequate visibility for motorists and pedestrians can be achieved.
4. Provide footpaths connecting the northern end of the village to the southern end of the village via the new pedestrian bridge.
5. Prevent parking in the immediate area of the school to increase the safety of children and school warden.
6. Inclusion of planting in the area.

During the works a number of issues were raised.

Carriageway Width – Representations were made in relation to the reduced carriageway width through the village and in particular the bend. People feel two articulated trucks meeting at this location would have difficulty passing each other. From examining the works on site it was decided to increase the road width locally at this location to 7m from the original 6m. Vehicles will be able to navigate the village all be it at a reduced speed due to the carriageway width and traffic calming. It should be noted that the average width of carriageway on the R445 from Boley Cross to Newtown Cross is between 6m to 6.5m. The ‘S’ bends near Newtown Cross has a carriage way width ranging from 6.2m to 6.9m. The inclusion of a kerb edge in the village gives an increase in perception of a narrow road.

Reduced On Street Parking – Parking has been reduced on street primarily for the inclusion of footpaths. Further reductions were required at the bend to ensure adequate visibility of vehicles and pedestrians can be achieved. Bollards have been placed in the area of the school as the issue of parking on footpaths restricting sight lines had been raised by Cllr’s, School Principal, School Warden etc. However it should be noted on the main road, R415, two bays have been provided with a capacity of approximately 20 cars. A further 10 space will be provided at the ball alley. The church carpark also has a capacity in excess of 30 cars. It is my view for 99% of everyday usage, Nurney has more than adequate parking.

The measures being carried out at the moment will give a village feel to the area and will require a change in some peoples habits, which I don’t feel is too imposing. For the people in the village the measures being carried out will allow for people to walk to the local amenities in safety

In relation to the completion of the works road resurfacing takes place next week starting Monday weather permitting. Footpaths will be completed during the week. A considerable budget has been set aside for landscaping which Kildare County Council will be assisting me on. It is likely that the planting will not take place until the spring 2012 but I can assure you the money has been set aside.

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