Reports to Motions at November Council Meeting

Athy Area Committee Meeting
Agenda Report
21 November 2011
That Athy Area Committee receive an update on progress on the Southern Distributor Road.
Report: Ground investigation works are now substantially completed and the consulting engineers have substantially completed additional design works for the scheme.

Early indications from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS) are that there will no further funding available for this scheme next year, therefore the CPO cannot progress any further at this time. However, if and when funding is confirmed this scheme will be ready to be progressed quickly.

2. Councillor Wall
That the council update its members on the proposed upgrade of road surfaces and footpaths in the town of Athy.
Report: At the present time Kildare County Council are upgrading and infilling sections of footpaths around the town of Athy. The drainage profile around the town is also being upgraded. This is being carried out as part of Restoration Improvement Grants on Regional roads. The area office has also submitted plans to the NRA to carry out works on the N78 through Athy. These funds need to be supplemented with development levies collected by Athy Town Council. These development levies were collected by Athy Town Council for developments on the various regional and national roads around Athy that are maintained by the County Council.

3. Councillor Wall
That the council bring the road from Wrens Cross to Riverstown Cross, Kildangan up to a proper standard.
Report: The western area office will examine this section of road for possible inclusion in the 2012 Road Programme. In the mean time the area office will carry out remedial maintenance in the area as required.

4. Councillor Wall
That the council immediately carry out traffic safety measures at the Canal Bridge, Cardenton, Athy on the N78 road.
Report: The area office will refer this matter to roads design for investigation.

5. Councillor Wall
That the council immediately carry out traffic safety measure at Ballymore Eustace National School in association with the local Gardai and school authorities.
Report: Staff from the traffic management section are currently concentrating on schemes that have funding agreed and approval from the National Transport Authority.

The works requested are being added to the list of works planned for 2012, however, it should be noted that significant funding will not be available from the NTA in 2012 for new schemes.

6. Councillor Wall
Can the council work with the local Gardai to reduce the speeding on the Stradbally to Athy Road, the R428?
Report: The speed limit on the R428 (Athy/Stradbally road) is 80kph, except for the section at Castlemitchell which has a 60kph limit. If it is felt that it is appropriate, the council, in consultation with the Gardai, has the power to change speed limits. In relation to the enforcement of speed limits, this is a matter for the Gardai.

7. Councillor Wall
That the council invite all the relevant bus operators providing bus services in the Athy area to an area meeting to discuss the needs of the transport users within the Athy area, targeting those areas most in need of public transport at this time.
Report: If the committee are in agreement I can arrange for the public transport providers to be invited to an area committee meeting.

Housing, Community and Cultural Services
19.Councillor Wall
Can the council confirm the up to date position with regard to the new long term housing leasing proposals?
Report; Kildare County Council is in discussion with a number of property owners and voluntary housing bodies throughout the county on a significant number of projects under the Social Housing Leasing Initiative. Each proposal involves the signing of a payment and availability agreement between the council and a voluntary housing body and a separate agreement between the voluntary housing body and developer or property owner.
The process of making units available under the scheme is taking longer than anticipated in many cases as a consequence of the funding mechanisms, completion of estates, compliance with planning permission, sustainable communities and ensuring value for money. I will update the area committee as soon as any schemes in the Athy area are agreed.
Water and Environmental Services
20.Councillors Daly, Keatley, Miley and Wall
That the council clarify their position in relation to the location and retention of their dog pound within the county.
Report: Kildare County Council has just received notification from ISPCA regarding termination of the current contract for dog control services. It will be effective in 6 months and the council is currently examining its options and the area committee will be kept informed. Some discussions have also taken place with the ISPCA

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