Speed review to be carried out

Cllr Mark Wall has welcomed the announcement by Minister Leo Varadkar of an audit of Speed limits.

Cllr Wall was speaking at the Athy Area Committee of Kildare County Council today, where he welcomed the announcement and the need to standardise speed limits within the local authority area. At the meeting it was agreed to bring forward a motion to the full meeting of Kildare County Council to regularise the speed on rural roads within the charge of Kildare County Council.


“ Cllr Wall stated, we are all aware of speed limits on rural roads which are totally inappropriate, this is especially true on cul de sacs and narrow country roads. The Ministers proposal invites input from the Public to identify these roads and indeed comment on any road that they feel may have an inappropriate speed limit. It is the intension of our committee to work with Kildare County Council to create a standard for such roads as cul de sacs and narrow roads, identifying a speed limit that will work on all these roads within the county. I welcome the review and look forward to a standard within the county that will increase the safety of such roads for the benefit of the entire community” concluded Cllr Wall.


 For further details contact Mark Wall on 083 3341488

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