Update following motion to Athy Area Committee

Subject: Queries at September Area Meeting Re: Traffic Signals at Emily Square

Dear Councillor,

The Traffic Management Engineer wishes to reply to your queries as follows:

1. There are no outstanding civil engineering works remaining at Emily Square and the junction functions as part of an Urban Traffic Control signal.
2. The improvements made to the traffic signals forms part of our planning of junction timings for the junction. We had to change the sequence of the lights to increase the safety for vulnerable road users.
3. A network cannot be deemed to be “working under SCOOT” until a number of lights are linked. The plan was to install new traffic signals at the N78/Stradbally Road and N78/White’s Castle. These would link with the existing pedestrian light at the Post Office, the proposed crossing on the N78 at Meeting Lane and Emily Square.
4. There is no funding available to install the new lights at the 3 locations above (Meeting Lane, Stradbally, White’s Castle).
5. In the absence of linking with signals, the junction at Emily Square is optimised for different flows changes during the day.
6. The Traffic Management Centre staff will try to quantify the improved travel time from the Kilkenny side. This information will be circulated to the members when it is available.

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