Vacant Houses to be re-allocted under Vacant houses to be re-allocated

Cllr Mark Wall has welcomed the news that Kildare County Council are working with a Voluntary Housing Association to allocate houses on possible caretaker term leases. These houses for various legal reasons cannot be taken back into the Councils own housing stock.

In a reply to a motion tabled by Cllr Wall at the October area committee of Kildare County Council confirmed that they are working with a voluntary Housing Association on an agreement for the allocation of such units and that a schedule of works is being prepared at present, the Council goes on to state that the Majority of these units, it is anticipated, will be occupied before the end of the year.

Cllr Wall concluded “ This is good news on two fronts, firstly for those on the housing list, it increases the number of house available and secondly it allows houses that have in the past being targeted by anti social behaviour, to be allocated by the local authorithy. I welcome the response of the Council to this motion and I look forward to the Council concluding the allocation of these houses with the Voluntary Housing Association in the quickest possible time”.

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