Replies to motions Kildare County Council

Kildare County Council​
Athy Area Committee Meeting
Agenda Reports
19 November 2012

4. Councillor Wall
Can the council bring the Dowdenstown Road in Ballymore Eustace up to a proper standard given the problems currently being experienced by locals?
Report from the Naas Area Office: Whilst it is acknowledged that the road in question requires full resurfacing, there is no funding available in this year’s budget allocations in order to carry out full resurfacing works. Neither is it likely that funding will be made available in the near future to carry out full resurfacing on this road. However, road repairs will be carried out on this road in December.

As discussed with the members previously, the ability of the council to maintain roads to the standards, that both the council and members of the public would like, has been substantially reduced due to the severe curtailment of the council’s resources

5. Councillor Wall
Can the council confirm the arrangements for the pedestrian lights on the Monasterevin Road outside the education campus?
Report from the Traffic Management Centre: The possibility of changing this two stage pedestrian crossing to a single stage crossing is being considered by the traffic management engineer.

9. Councillor Wall
That the council, given the amount of public lights out particularly in private estates, consider a special fund to combat this growing problem as part of their forthcoming budgetary process.
Report: The public lighting provision is a matter for the roads department and will be considered as part of their budget proposals. However, in light of the current budgetary restrictions and the severe contraction in income anticipated for 2013 it will be a very difficult task for the roads department and Kildare County Council to absorb any new expenditure of this nature without cutting front-line services somewhere within the organisation. Kildare County Council will struggle in 2013 to maintain public lights and roads that are in the charge of the council. The council cannot divert any of its already strained budget to lights in private estates without this having an impact on public services.

Water and Environmental Services (10:40 a.m.)
11. Councillor Wall
Given the recent news from the Department that the Minister is considering increasing the Sewerage Scheme Grant and running some pilots throughout the country, that the council confirm if any such schemes are ready to go.
Report: Water services has had a number of general enquiries in relation to proposed group sewerage schemes regarding setting up a scheme, the grants involved etc. However, little or no follow up enquires have been received.
Only one such scheme has made a formal application to be considered for funding ie. Boston Cottages Group Sewerage Scheme, Ardclough. A formal application would include a scheme location map, the extent of the proposed scheme and a list of members and trustees. Kildare County Council would then effect preliminary investigative works to assess whether the scheme is viable and establish an estimated cost. Once such a preliminary investigative assessment is completed and the scheme is deemed feasible, an application would be made to the DoECLG for funding. Applications for funding are generally made yearly at the start of each year.
Notification of funding granted to a Local Authority is normally received in late February or early March, and generally carries a conditional deadline for completion of the works for the end of November that year.

13. Councillor Wall
Can the council confirm the up to date position with the Housing Adaptation and Housing Aid Grants?
A member of staff from the housing section will attend the meeting.

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