Update traffic lights at Emily Square

Traffic Lights ā€“ Emily Square, Athy
changes have been made to the traffic signal set up at the Emily Square junction in Athy as follows:

(i) The right turn movement / stage from Dublin that began prior to the main road (from Kilkenny & Dublin) has been removed: Through monitoring the junction it was found that there was no requirement for this movement/stage. The junction now runs a permanent demand for the main road allowing right turners from the Dublin direction to make this movement through gaps in oncoming traffic. It is now possible to utilise what was previously wasted green time more effectively elsewhere in the staging.

(ii) The two side roads (from Monasterevin & Carlow) have been split with each of them getting a separate stage with full green: From monitoring the junction it was observed that right turners from the Monasterevin direction were finding it difficult to make this movement (due to conflicting straight through traffic from the Carlow direction). This was particularly evident in the morning peak with many cycles allowing only 1-2 vehicles through from the Monasterevin direction. By giving each approach a separate stage it will remove the conflicting right turners, ultimately making the junction safer. It will also help to relieve congestion on the side roads in particular from the Monasterevin approach at the morning peak.

These changes should help to reduce the overall cycle time at the junction and along with previous alterations made, should help reduce congestion in particular from the Kilkenny approach. The Council will continue to monitor the junction remotely (by CCTV) in order to ascertain the effect of these changes.

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