Replies to January Motions Kildare County Council

Councillor Wall That the council confirm the up-to-date position with road improvements and footpaths on the Carlow Road in Athy

Report:Some work was carried out in 2012 on the re-surfacing of footpaths between Church road and Oaklawns on the Carlow road, Athy and it is hoped to continue the work this year. The footpath opposite Coneyboro houses is a priority. It is hoped that an agreement can be reached with the landowner in relation to land acquisition to facilitate the works. Surfacing and drainage can be considered when funds become available.

Councillor Wall. That the council work with the management of NurneyNationalSchool to improve signage on the approaches to the national school.

Report from the Kildare Area Office: The area office is happy to work on this issue with the NurneyNationalSchool. It should be noted that any proposed works will be subject to available funding.

Housing, Community and Cultural Councillor Wall

That the council confirm the up to date position with RAS and long term
housing leasing in the Athy area.

Under the Social Housing Investment Programme, the Rental Accommodation Scheme and Social Housing Leasing Initiative are the primary mechanisms for the delivery of housing support in the county. The housing department are working closely with private landlords, the voluntary housing sector, Athy Town Council and other interested parties for the sustainable delivery of units. The delivery of units is being carefully coordinated in the context of housing need and good estate management, measured against the resources available to deliver these services in the overall context of the needs of the entire County.

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