Replies to Athy Area -Kildare County Council

Athy Area Committee Meeting
Agenda Reports
22 April 2013

Councillor Wall
That the Council provide a footpath to the CastleVilla soccer grounds in Castledermot from the town in the interest of public safety.
Report: This job has been referred to road design for a design and costing of same. The chief technician will meet Councillors Miley and Wall on site to discuss same.
It should be noted that there are a number of elements to the work:
Land acquisition.
Footpath construction.
Public lighting.
Reinstatement of road after work.
This work can then be considered in the light of finances available.

Councillor Wall
Can the Council investigate the safety of Merrins Cross Roads in Kildoon Nurney ensuring its safety for all road users.
Report from the Kildare Area Office: The area office will examine the junction in question. It should be noted that due to the rural aspect of the junction it is not possible to ensure the safety of all road users in particular vulnerable road users. Currently there is no provision for pedestrians nor is it likely that funding will be made available to provide for them.

Councillor Wall
Can the Council give an update on the allocation of the vacant houses in the Coneyboro estate, the discussions they have had with the voluntary housing association involved and a possible timeframe involved in their allocation?
Report: The above houses are the subject of a proposed leasing arrangement under the Social Housing Leasing Initiative. The leasing agreement will be between the voluntary housing association approved by the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and the developer in question.
The Council will enter into a Service Level Agreement with the voluntary housing body once they have confirmed that the units are available for allocation. The Council has not, as yet, been advised of a delivery date for the units.

Councillor Wall
That the Council update its members on the measures they are taking to combat illegal dumping in the South Kildare area, specifically around and along local rivers and canals.
Report: Some of these locations can be particularly difficult to monitor due to the local geographics and rural nature. There are a number of different parties who have varying levels of responsibilities including the Barrow Drainage Board and Waterways Ireland. Kildare County Council waste enforcement staff have carried out checkpoint stops in an area between Monasterevin and Athy with the assistance of the local Gardaí in 2011 and 2012. The checkpoints are set up to ascertain if waste collection operators have correct permits etc. It is proposed to carry out further spot checks during 2013. The council’s litter warden has been working with local groups to examine dumping issues in an effort to detect offenders. Local groups, following community clean ups, receive assistance from the council’s environmental clean up crew to remove material collected. It is my understanding that a meeting is being arranged to discuss the issues involving all parties.
Kildare County Council will endeavour to assist in any action plan agreed following this meeting.

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