Replies to questions for Athy , Nurney , Castledermot, Kilcullen

Roads, Transportation and Public Safety
Footpath – Castle Villa Soccer Club
A preliminary design has been prepared by roads design. The progression of this project is dependent on funding being made available by the NTA in 2014.

Road Surface – Carlow Road, Athy
The resurfacing of the Carlow road has been included in the Restoration Improvement grants for 2014. It will be kept in a serviceable condition until such time as funds become available.

Road Surface – Woodstock Street to Stradbally Road, Athy
The resurfacing of the Stradbally road at Woodstock Street has been included in the Restoration Improvement grants for 2014. It will be kept in a serviceable condition until such time as funds become available.

Housing, Community and Cultural Services
Lease of Land – Kilcullen GAA Club
A draft lease was issued to the club. Following this the club have requested changes to the boundary of the proposed lease area. These changes are being investigated at the moment and a new map showing lease area will be issued to the club.

Taking in Charge – Friary Estate, Castledermot
There is no Site Resolution Plan in place. The Friary in Castledermot has not been completed to date. The taking in charge of The Friary or any phase of the development cannot be considered until that phase has been completed satisfactorily in accordance with the planning permission. The developer will remain responsible for all aspects of maintenance in The Friary until the development is formally taken in charge and has been informed that this is the case. Building and development control staff will arrange a meeting with the developer of The Friary with a view to agreeing a Site Resolution Plan for this development. Building and development control department does not have the resources to attend monthly area committee meetings on an ongoing basis.

Taking in Charge – Abbeylands Estate, Castledermot
The bond provider has completed the Abbeylands estate to taking in charge standard. As stated previously in July, the council is awaiting confirmation of the area which the management company for the apartments is responsible for. Before the estate can be taken in charge, the appointed receiver will have to provide a map of the estate showing the areas of the estate that will remain under the control of the apartment management company. It has been claimed that there is a management company in place for the entire estate, this will have to be clarified and addressed before the taking in charge process commences.

6. Councillor Wall
That the council confirm what safety measures are in place at Doolin’s Crossroads, Knocknagee following recent accidents at the junction.
Report: This junction has been included in the application for funding under the Low Cost Safety Improvement Works for 2014.

9. Councillor Wall
That the council confirm the up-to-date position on the taking in charge of the Castle Raven estate in Nurney.
Report: A request to take this estate in charge at the request of the residents in accordance with the provisions of Section 180 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 as amended was received on 22 May 2013. This estate will be included in the next list of estates to be advertised for taking in charge.

Councillor Wall
That the council confirm what discretion they are using in relation to the recent housing rent reviews that the authority have carried out.
Report: Housing rents are calculated in accordance with the Differential Rent Scheme. While the Differential Rent Scheme provides for a rent calculation based on a percentage of net income, Paragraph 5 of the scheme provides for hardship cases as follows:
‘In exceptional circumstances where payment of a rent calculated under Paragraph 8 would, in the opinion of the Housing Authority, give rise to hardship, the authority may at its discretion agree to accept a lesser sum from the tenant for a specified period.’
The council will consider such cases on receipt of the appropriate documentation.

Councillor Wall
Can the council confirm the up-to-date position with the number of vacant houses in the Athy Electoral Area that continue to cause concern locally?
Report: The council is in negotiations with a number of interested parties at present on future arrangements for these properties. It would, therefore, be inappropriate to brief the members until negotiations are completed, however the members will be updated as soon as it is appropriate.

​Adjourned Motion
19. Councillor Wall
That the council, further to previous motion, confirm the up to date position with those lands in their ownership that may be of interest or benefit to local communities or sports groups.
Report: The Property Interest Register team has completed a preliminary search of Kildare County lands in the Athy electoral area (new boundaries). This search was based on maps and spatial data provided by the Land Registry Office and recently integrated into the Property Interest Register system and it covered over 390 individual townlands. Our search has identified over 20 sites in the Athy electoral area that appear to be undeveloped, either entirely or in part. Data has been collated on these lands (Folio Numbers, site areas etc.) and this data has been grouped by electoral division. The preparation of the draft report referred to above is the first step in a process that will continue over the coming weeks. The sites identified may not be available for community / amenity purposes due to current or proposed use by the acquiring sections. If the sites are available, they may not prove suitable due to zoning, technical and other issues. The Property Interest Register team will refer its draft report to the acquiring sections and to the Athy area office for initial comment. When the draft report has been refined on the basis of current and future use, further consultation will take place on the suitability of the remaining sites. Full technical assessments will be requested, where appropriate. The Property Interest Register team will keep the Athy area committee appraised of all progress in relation to this matter.

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