Replies to Questions re Athy, Kilberry, Shared Ownerships, Rents, Council Housing, Pylons,

Councillor Wall
Can the council bring the lane at the rear of the housing estate at Kilberry, Athy up to a proper standard as previously discussed?
Report: This roadway has been included in the Restoration Improvement Grants for 2014.​

Councillor Wall
Can the council consider the placement of a yellow traffic box at the entrance to the Rathstewart Crescent estate in Athy on the R147?
Report: The council will install a yellow box junction at this location in the near future.​

Councillor Wall
That the council confirm the contact they have had with Eirgrid in relation to the proposed Grid Link Project and that Eirgrid be invited to a future meeting of the Athy Area Committee.
Report: A report in relation to items 15 and 16 is currently being prepared and will be circulated to members as soon as it is available.

​Councillor Wall
That the council confirm what discretion they are using in relation to the recent housing rent reviews that the authority have carried out.
Report: Please refer to the housing response issued to the September meeting. Clarification of any issues in respect of the Differential Rent Scheme can be addressed at the briefing session with the members on Friday 18 October 2013.

Councillor Wall
That the council confirm the up-to-date position with the proposed new Tenant Purchase Scheme. Has there been any further contact with the department?
Report: At present there are no Tenant Purchase Schemes in operation for Local Authority tenants. The council understands that there are proposals in train for a new scheme, however, there has been no indication as to the scope, extent or criteria in respect of any new Tenant Purchase Scheme.

Councillor Wall
Can the council confirm if the mortgage to rent pilot scheme has extended to the county, is there an opportunity for those in need to avail of the scheme and will it include those with housing loans from the local authority?
Report: The council has signed one payment and availability agreement with an approved housing body in respect of one qualified applicant and suitable property under this scheme in respect of private sector lending institutions, and is working with a number of approved housing bodies in respect of a number of other cases. The scheme has not been extended to Local Authority issued loans to date, however there are proposals in train in respect of this.
Note: Ms. Veronica Cooke, Finance Department, will attend the meeting to update the members with regard to the position concerning local authority distressed loans.

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