Public lights, Housing and Playgrounds

Councillor Wall
That the council confirm the up-to-date position with the contract it has for the repair of public lights with Airtricity, the length of time it is taking to fix lights and if the council can advise the best way of reporting lights that need repair.
Report: Kildare County Council has a contract with Airtricity Utility Solutions to maintain public lighting infrastructure on all public roads (excluding motorways) and in housing estates that have been taken in the charge of the Council. The contract stipulates a 5 day period for repairs in housing estates and 10 days on routes. Generally for standard repairs these time scales are being met by the contractor. Delays in repairs are generally due to larger faults or a requirement to provide a new supply and hence the installation of a public lighting pillar as required by the ESB.The best way to report a fault is via Kildare County Council’s web site which has a link to the Airtricity site. On submitting a fault, a reference number is generated and this number can be used to track the repair.

Councillor Wall
That the council re-install the pedestrian crossing at Main Street, Castledermot in light of the opening of the new community centre and the need to ensure the safety of pedestrians accessing the centre.
Report: There is no funding available for the installation of signalised crossings. Traffic Management Section will consider your request in the context of the possibility of NTA funding for 2014.

Councillor Wall
Can the council update its members on the current position with the former model school site Dublin Road, Athy?
Report: The owner of the building and the Department of Education are continuing negotiations relating to the handing over of the building to the owner. The Council is not involved in that process. In relation to the protection and conservation of the structure, the Department of Education have been advised by the OPW through their consultant, as to what works to carry out, to weatherproof the existing structure, such as wall capping and roof repair. A number of potential uses for the building have been identified. The building is well located and could accommodate a range of uses. It is premature to enter into a detailed conversation on this aspect until such time as the negotiations, referred to above, are concluded. The building remains in private ownership. Given the cooperation and willingness of the owner to date, it is possible that an appropriate use will be identified and implemented in due course.

Councillor Wall
That the council confirm the number of RAS units in the Kildangan/Nurney/Monasterevin area and clarify if new applications will be accepted for these areas to supplement social housing.
Report:At present there are sixteen units operational in this area, in addition to eight units operational under the Social Housing Leasing Initiative. The Council is working closely with approved housing bodies in the delivery of further appropriate units where a housing need is identified. The Council will consider applications in all areas where a housing need is identified.
Issued by George Perry, Senior Executive Officer, Housing Department

Councillor Wall
Can the council confirm the up-to-date position with its recent application to the Department of Children and Youth Affairs for assistance with the upgrading or provision of playgrounds within the county?
Report: An allocation of €20k has been awarded by The Department of Children and Youth Affairs towards the up grading of the playground in The Peoples Park. A further €20k will be provided in match funding to assist the upgrade. It is proposed to develop a programme of works in conjunction with Athy Town Council towards the upgrade of the playground and to implement this in 2014.

Councillor Wall
Can the council confirm any further discussions they may have had with NAMA about the possible take over of potential social housing units within the county and in the Athy Electoral Area, given the recent announcement by NAMA and the recent welcome news in Athy town?
Report:The properties potentially available through the National Assets Management Agency (NAMA) are part of the security for loans that NAMA has acquired. In the majority of cases, properties remain in the ownership of the original borrowers. The remaining properties are controlled by receivers appointed by NAMA. The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and the Housing Agency are continuing to work with NAMA to ensure that suitable properties, for which Kildare County Council have a demand, are secured for social housing. It is expected that the majority of suitable properties will be secured through leasing arrangements with the property owners or receivers. The Council has facilitated the leasing of thirty-nine properties and the purchase of eight social units in the Athy area through NAMA.

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