Reports re Kilcrow, Ballyburn, Riverstown Kildangan and Kilberry

That the council confirm the up-to-date position with flooding relief at Kilcrow Lane, Athy and at Ballyburn, Castledermot.

Report: The incidents of flooding at Kilcrow Lane, Athy and Ballyburn, Castledermot were as a result of flood waters coming off the land onto the public road. In the case of Kilcrow Lane both Kildare County Council and a private landowner used tankers to clear the road of water. The water reappeared within twenty four hours of this work being done, the water obviously coming from the land. In the case of Ballyburn, Castledermot the water is coming from the adjoining lands. Some work has been carried out in close proximity to the public road and it is believed that this is a contributing factor to the flooding. The Area Office is referring this matter to the Planning Department as the works being carried out come under the Planning Acts. There is currently no flooding at either location due to the recent dry spell

Councillor Wall
Can the council bring the Riverstown to Lug Hill Road in Kildangan up to a proper standard and carry out water cuts to assist the flooding at this location?
Report: The Kildare Area Office will add this area for attention by the road maintenance crew. Once a crew is available the works will be carried out.
11.Councillor Wall
Can the council update its members on the repair of the back lane at Kilberry housing estate?
Report: This work has been planned for mid 2014 to coincide with the Area Office’s works programme.

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