Friary and Ard a Laoi estates Castledermot, Greenhills Athy, Lights Castlemitchell

Can the council confirm the up to date position with the temporary traffic lights at Castlemitchell, Athy and what plans are there for the removal of these lights and a permanent safe solution to be found?
Report: The Athy Municipal office has been in discussion with the relevant landowners with a view to solving the issue of the road realignment at Castlemitchell. The structural stability of the road was compromised after a road traffic accident at this location. The traffic lights were erected to ensure traffic was diverted away from the weakened road lane. The road cannot be opened to two lane traffic until this

Councillor Wall
That the council update its members on the derelict sites at Ard a Laoi housing estate, Castledermot including the safety concerns raised by the residents on numerous occasions.
Report: The site at Ardan Na Coille has been entered in the derelict sites register in January 2014.
A notice under the dangerous structures legislation has also been served on the owner.
A further inspection will take place to determine if works in respect of the dangerous building notice have been undertaken.
The inspection will also examine if any waste material remains on site.
2. The proposed creche site in Ard a Laoi has also been inspected.
The owner has not been identified but an inspection deems the site not to be derelict.
3. The site at Coill Diarmada has been entered in the derelict sites register in March 2014.

Councillor Wall
That the council update its members on the taking in charge and completion of the Friary housing estate in Castledermot.
Report Building Control staff met with the developer of The Friary on 4th September 2014. At the meeting the developer was instructed to clean up the undeveloped part of the site as a matter of urgency. These works commenced on 8th September 2014. It was agreed at the meeting that the developer would put in place a Site Resolution Plan (SRP) for bringing the occupied part of the estate up to taking in charge standard. We will revert to the members and the residents when we receive this SRP.

Councillor Wall
Can the council, its housing and environment sections continue working with Greenhills Residents Association, Athy in developing and continuing the great work of the committee to date?
Report : The Housing Department works closely with all residents’ associations of Local Authority estates and will examine what support can be given to the association as part of its 2014 programme

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