Reports from Council – Footpaths Castledermot, Carlow Road Athy and the “Blueway” for Kildare South

Cllr Mark Wall December 2014

Footpaths in Castledermot

That the council immediately bring the existing footpaths in and around the town of

Castledermot up to a proper standard given the problems residents are having there

at the moment.

Report: Some of the existing footpaths in Castledermot (as well as other towns and

villages in the Municipal District) are quite old and are in need of rehabilitation. In

recent times the Municipal District Office has been concentrating on the provision of

new footpaths. This work has been undertaken with finance from the National

Transport Authority (NTA). This is the problem with older footpaths. There has been

no source of finance made available to bring these footpaths up to a proper standard.

It is the opinion of the Municipal District Office that funding should be made available

for this work and then footpaths which require upgrading should be prioritised.

Abbeylands in Castledermot

Can the council examine the problems with access, speed and safety particularity at

school hours in the Abbeylands estate, Castledermot?

Report: This estate, like a number of others in close proximity to schools,

experiences a rise in traffic levels at school opening and closing times. There is very

little that can be done as these are public roads and all members of the public have a

right to use them. There are proposals to introduce 30kph speed limits in estates. It is the opinion of the Municipal District Office that these limits will only be as good as the enforcement of them.

Blueway “Massive Potential for South Kildare”

That the council supports the need for a spur route along the Barrow line into the

centre of Athy to join the proposed Blueway project and recognise the potential this

project can bring to the Athy Municipal District.

Report:There are a number of objectives to be achieved by the creation of Blueway

along the Barrow line. One of these is that a number of towns have been identified to

be developed as tourism and activity hubs. Athy has been identified as one of these

hubs. It is envisaged that this concept will be developed further as the development of the Blueway progresses.

Footpath on the Carlow Road in Athy

Can the council confirm the up-to-date position with the provision of a footpath along

the Carlow Road in Athy from Ardreigh to Coneyboro as previously discussed?

Report: This scheme – with a substantial number of other schemes – has been

included in a submission to the National Transport Authority (NTA) for approval for

funding in 2015. The Members will be advised if funding is approved.

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