Council replies: Barnhill, Ros Glas, Cemeteries,Buses,

Councillor Wall
That the council immediately repair the hill at Barnhill, Castledermot to bring it up to a proper and safe standard:

Council will carry out remedial work in the coming weeks to make the location safer once again. They will also speak to local landowners regarding a more permanent solution.

Councillor Wall
Can the council confirm the up-to-date position with the taking in charge of Rosglas estate in Monasterevin:

The Council have being in contact with the Developer and are waiting on documentation back from him. As this is one of the older estates in Monasterevin , the Council are anxious to take this estate in charge and will work with the Residents to achieve it.

Councillor Wall
Can the council update its members on the possibility of an extension to Churchtown Graveyard, Athy and the current position with St Michael’s Graveyard, Athy:

The Council recently visited a potential site in Churchtown for an extension. They agree that one is needed and will be carrying out testing on the potential site over the coming week.
Work has recently being carried out on the Car park at the Athy Cemetery and further work will be carried out at the entrance in the coming weeks. The next phase of work in the Graveyard will involve an extension and work is continuing on this at the moment.

That the council immediately progress a public transport plan for South Kildare through its SPC, with the co-operation of all agencies, given the recent announcements about the withdrawal of public transport services from the south of the county:

Members were in unanimous agreement to forward this important matter to the housing SPC. They also agreed to continue the pressure on the NTA , Bus Eireann and the appropriate Ministers to ensure a proper serviced public transport network for South Kildare.

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