Housing, Shanrath Athy, Clarey Nurney, Car Parks Athy

Councillor Wall

That the council immediately move to make the entrance to Shanrath estate, Athy safe given the problems raised by the residents of the estate.

Report: Within the last year a number of improvements have been undertaken in this area – lighting, footpaths and improvement of sight distance at the entrance to the estate. In relation to the issues raised – extending the 50kph speed limit can be considered in light of the speed limit review although the sight distance at the entrance is within the design criteria; there is a solid white line running across the entrance which makes it illegal to overtake at this location; the issues on the N78 turn-off to Castledermot have been raised before; if traffic adheres to the road markings the junction is safe.

Councillor Wall

Can the council confirm the up-to-date position with the upgrade of the roads at Rathconnell and Clarey, Nurney given their present condition?

Report: Preparatory patching work is being undertaken at present in relation to roads in the general Rathconnell and Clarey areas. This preparatory work will be undertaken in conjunction with the general upgrading of roads in this area and is part of the Restoration Maintenance scheme as funded by the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport.

Councillor Wall

Can the council confirm their plans for parking in the town of Athy and what are their plans for their car parks at Meeting Lane and Catherine McCauley?

Report:The Municipal District Office will be upgrading carparks in Athy in the coming months. Currently upgrading works are being undertaken on Catherine McCauley carpark. These works consist of the following – a/ Drainage; b/ Landscaping including tree pruning; c/ Resurfacing and d/ Delineation.

26.Councillor Wall

That given the recent €86 million allocation from the Government for social housing to County Kildare, that the council confirm what this will mean for the Athy Municipal

District and the county of Kildare and that the council will be building houses on their land banks in the Athy Municipal District.

Report: The Council has been notified of an allocation of €86,858,105 for the delivery of social housing units during the period 2015-17. The Council made a submission to the Department of Environment in February 2015 outlining proposals for the delivery of social housing throughout the County, however, the Council has not received an indication from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, to date, on the specific details of the allocation

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