Update on Athy Southern Distributor Road 

At today’s Athy Municipal District Area meeting the Senior Roads Engineerfor Kildare County Council confirmed that work on the road was progressing and that he had “No reason to be displeased” with progress to date. He confirmed that procurement work and work on legal services were continuing. In replies to questions from members the senior Engineer confirmed that there was “no impediment” to funding , this was also confirmed in a recent meeting between Deputy Wall and Minister Brendan Howlin.The road was also listed for completion under the recently announced Government Capital Plan.The meeting also heard from the Director of Services for Transport who confirmed that the road was of utmost importance to the Council and Kildare and the Council would ensure that work on getting it ready for planning would continue as quickly as possible.Following further questioning by all Councillors present it was agreed that the Road consultants would meet with the Cllrs in early November for a detailed update including timeframes. The officials did however confirm that they would hold public consultation in early 2016 on the road as part of having everything ready for An Bord Pleanala , planning permission, early in the second half of 2016.

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