Update on Housing, Shared Ownership, Speed Ramps , Road Works 

Question Cllr Wall Given the urgent need for housing in Kildare, that the council confirm the number of vacant housing units in the Athy Municipal District, the number of vacant housing units in the county, the average length of time it took this year for these units to be turned around and a tenant installed and that the council confirm if they feel there is any other way of ensuring a quicker turnaround of vacant units.

Report: A report is issued to each monthly MD meeting outlining the total number of vacant units in that MD each month. A report is also issued to full Council each month outlining the total number of vacant units in the entire County each month. Members are free to query any elements of these reports with the Housing Maintenance team at any time thereafter. Providing an average turnaround time per vacant house would give a misleading figure as some houses can be turned around in a matter of days, whereas others may take up to 6 weeks. Each house is inspected as soon as possible following vacation and the necessary repair works carried out in order to make the house suitably habitable to the next tenant. Members should be aware that the Housing Maintenance section is constantly reviewing specification and tendering strategy so as to try to get houses turned around faster. The members should be aware of the difference between vacant, void, fire damaged, repossessed, and new purchases; as each of them could take various durations to turn around.
Councillor Wall

That the council confirm the up-to-date position with their Shared Ownership Loans, how many are in arrears at the moment, how many have converted their loan from shared ownership and how many are being considered for mortgage to rent?
Kildare County Council

Report: The council currently has 339 Shared Ownership Loans. Of those 339 loans, 205 borrowers are 90+ days in arrears. Of those 205 borrowers, 141 are in an alternative repayment arrangement under the MARP (Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process).

The remaining 64 cases not presently in a MARP arrangement may have previously been in an alternative payment arrangement which is under review, or may not have engaged with the MARP process to date. Where borrowers are in arrears and will not engage with MARP, or will not co-operate under the process, unfortunately, we have no option but to refer these borrowers to our legal advisors to recover the debt. This may result in the repossession of the property and pursuit of the borrowers for any residual debt and associated legal costs. The Housing Department has received 19 applications from Shared Ownership borrowers to convert to a House Purchase (Annuity) Loan. 17 of these applications have been approved, 2 remain on hand at present. To date, 4 borrowers have proceeded to convert their loans. Of the borrowers currently engaging with the MARP process, to date, 29 borrowers

have been identified as eligible for the Mortgage to Rent Scheme. These are at various stages in the process, a flowchart of which is attached. It is anticipated that as part of the ongoing review of arrears cases under MARP, the number of eligible borrowers opting to transfer to the Mortgage to Rent Scheme may increase. Where borrowers in arrears do not engage in the MARP process, they cannot be considered for the Mortgage to Rent Scheme.
Councillor Wall

Can the council confirm the up-to-date position with the review of the provision of speed ramps in estates in the county as previously requested?

Report: It is expected that guidance for the Municipal District Engineers will be finalised in the next month and this will provide them with a toolkit for traffic calming into the future.

Councillor Wall

Can the council confirm the up-to-date position with the road to Ballykelly GFC, Monasterevin and if they intend to widen and improve it to allow community access? 

Report: There are currently no plans or budget to undertake this work. It can be considered in light of 2016 budgets
Update on road works October 2015 

1/ Surfacing on the L-8016 at Narraghmore has been completed;

2/ Drainage at Plunketstown has been completed;

3/ Work at Friary estate in Castledermot has commenced and 4/ Work on drainage at Passlands has commenced.

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