Extension of Council Text Alert Scheme will benefit Communities

  Speaking following widespread support in the Council chamber for his motion on extending the Council text alert scheme to further communities, Cllr Wall urged existing and new text alert Schemes to sign up to the Council scheme. Currently there are only 8 schemes signed up , a figure which must be increased . Once each Communities details are registered, The Council will provide the contact or community phone with a planned or emergency message that can be shared with the entire Community

Sharing such messages can allow those living in these communities to better plan their daily lives, often saving them time and expense while also alerting them to possible dangers. In their reply the Council highlighted the type of messages that could be shared including 

Emergency texts regarding Water main burst,Major sewerage problem, Weather alert,Road disruption and Major pollution incident. There may also be Planned Disruption, such as Water sewerage maintenance and or Planning roadworks e.g road closure.

Cllr Wall concluded ” During the recent bad weather, we all saw the importance ofCommunity text alerts , expanding the Council text alert will only compliment the importance and benefit of these schemes to Communities. I would encourage all the schemes to register with the Council , it is also important that Communities setting up schemes get involved and are

Encouraged in setting up. The Gardai are to hold a meeting early in the New Year to further cement their relationship with these schemes , getting the Council involved will ensure instant communication and further benefits to the Communities and Neighbourhoods of Kildare.

If you would like further information on the scheme or have any questions , please contact Mark on 083-3341488 or by email on markwall@eircom.net

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