December update on Athy Distributor Road 

Following today’s Athy Municipal District Meeting , the Project Engineer gave the following update on the Athy Distributor Road .

The Council received a large number of submissions which are still being collated. The Project Engineer confirmed that each submission will be examined and its contents considered.The Engineer confirmed that it is the intention to confirm the preferred route in February which will result in a second round of public consultation on that choice. Following queries from the Members, it was agreed that this Public Consultation would be comprehensive and longer than the first round, given the importance of this decision. The Engineer confirmed that only following consideration of the submissions along with economic , social , environmental and engineering criteria would the preferred route be chosen. She also confirmed that the next round of public consultation would include detail on any junctions or roundabouts being proposed along the preferred route. This would be in keeping with the target of having an EIS on the route completed by late 2016 to progress to planning permission.

The Engineer concluded in response to further questions from members that the C routes were 3Kms in length and that the A route as shown on the map was approx. 25% longer.

Cllr Wall concluded the presentation by thanking the Project Engineer for her detailed presentation but importantly reminding her that it was imperative for the future of the town that the playing fields at the Showgrounds be preserved.

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