Continued illegal dumping putting Communities at risk 

Labour Party general election candidate , Cllr Mark Wall has called on all the rural communities of South Kildare to continue the fight against illegal dumping in their communities following recent increases once again. 

Cllr Wall was speaking following the recent flooding where in some cases blocked drains due to illegal dumping caused potentially severe problems for rural houses. In a number of cases flood waters could not get away due to the amount of bags and rubbish blocking these drains. It was probably only when we saw the water rising in these drains that we realised how bad the problem is becoming. 

“These drains are the natural defences against the potential flooding we saw over the last week, yet the illegal dumping is putting some of our rural houses under severe pressure.

I want to thank once again the Council workers, Officials , Civil Defence, Fire Brigade and indeed the communities of South Kildare for their assistance at all times when they were called at all hours of the day over the last week. I called a special meeting of Athy Municipal meeting to discuss the flooding in our area and it is my intention to raise this illegal dumping once again at Council level .

Members of the public have an important part to play in keeping an eye out on suspicious vehicles in their communities and the various successful community alert schemes can link in with the Council as I previously promoted. We cannot let a very small minority put rural life at risk” concluded Cllr Wall   

For further details please contact Mark on 0833341488

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