Preparation complete for work on St Michaels New Graveyard Athy 

Cllr Mark Wall has welcomed the news that much needed work will shortly commerce in St Michael’s New Graveyard Athy.

Following motions and follow up meetings with Officials of Kildare County Council, Cllr Wall has being informed that up to €40,000 will be further spent on improvement works in the Graveyard. These works will include the Tarmac conversation of the remaining paths  the graveyard while addressing and solving the flooding on the paths at the moment. The work will also include the clearing of the waste ground at the top end of the Graveyard and preparing it fir seeding. The Council will also investigate and repair the wall damaged in the graveyard.

Cllr Wall added ” This work will be welcomed by all those with loved ones in the Graveyard.Over the last number of weeks , the flooding around the paths has caused families a lot of stress as they have tried to visit. This work will allow this to happen at all times and I would like to thank the Council and the members for their support in preparing for this work.  

Mark can be contacted on 083 3341488 for further information    

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