November update on Athy Distributor Road

Following today’s council update , Cllr Wall has sought further clarification from Kildare County Council on the timelines for completion of the road.

Previously we were assured by Council and their consultants that an indicative completion time for the road was the 3rd Quarter of 2020, today we were informed this could be 2022.

At the same time the Council are saying there is “ No problem with funding “ , Council have enough staff at this stage of the project and most surprising the council state the project is moving quicker than expected.

Upon questioning the senior engineer , we were informed that the CPO’s ( Compulsory Purchase Orders ) for the land will be published in January and that a number of contracts for the road would progress in 2018.

The parts of the road identified for these contracts meaning actual diggers on site include the part of the road by the Dunbrinn and Corran Ard estates where the Council stated they wanted to work closely with the Residents , indicating monthly meetings with them.

Concluding , Cllr Wall stated “ We have being informed that we will get a specific timeframe for this road at our January 2018 meeting. Given previous indications , which have all happened to date, this new date of 2022 is unbelievable and needs urgent clarification. I’ve being providing monthly updates on this road following each Council meeting , the last one indicating planning had finally being achieved. Now is the not the time for delays , after all we’ve being told funding is not a problem, Athy and it’s people await the clarification, no further delays are acceptable.

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