Council scheme could help most vulnerable

Cllr Mark Wall has welcomed the support from his fellow Cllr’s for the provision of funding to assist with the purchase of house alarms for the most vulnerable within the communities of the Athy Municipal District.

Speaking following his motion to the recent Council meeting in Athy, Cllr Wall stated , we are all aware of the personal alarm that is available from various community groups in our areas. However I’ve being contacted by a growing number of families who are worried about their loved ones who are in many cases living alone and unfortunately in fear. The purpose of this scheme would be to assist with the cost of a house alarm for those individuals , allowing them to feel more secure in their homes and protecting the most vulnerable in our communities.

Statistics from the Gardai will tell us that active house alarms are a deterrent to those that want to destroy our communities with the growing menace of house break-ins and thefts.

We must protect those that need protection within this District and I believe this way is a positive development along this road. I look forward to the scheme being launched and the first houses availing of assistance.

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