December update on Athy Distributor road 

Following the December meeting of the Athy Municipal District , it was confirmed that work will commence on the much needed Distributor road in 2018. This work will begin in and around the Dunbrinn and Corran Ard estates of our town. These works will include a new culvert at the stream in Corran Ard and fencing along the route for the safety of everybody. Investigations along the route will continue during this time also.Kildare County Council officials confirmed that funding was not an issue for the completion of the road and that advertisements regarding the compulsory purchase of land for the road were placed in local papers last week. Council have also begun to engage with Resident associations along the route.Kildare County Council will meet with the area Cllr’s in January to confirm more accurate timelines for the delivery of the road and are working on improving the finishing date of 2022 given at the November meeting of Council. I will keep you informed of all progress, we must see diggers on site in 2018, funding we are told is not a problem , the road must be delivered.

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