July update on new Athy Road – Important update

At our Council meeting today we were informed that the Council will serve “Notice to treat ” on land owners this week , allowing the Council to go ahead and purchase the land needed for the road.Basically this will allow final discussion and price to be agreed on all the land needed for the road and as was stated by the Senior engineer , this will mean the road “cannot be stopped”. The soil tests and archeological tests are complete and there were no significant findings on either that would affect the progress of the road. Final meetings with both will take place in the coming couple of weeks to sign off. A newsletter for Residents on progress and timelines will be issued in the next 2-3 weeks. Meetings with Residents Associations in the area will continue.The preliminarily works tenders will issue in August with work to commence in September .These works will include moving some ESB lines and gas mains .Final boundary fencing will be erected from Corran ard through to Dun Brinn. A culvert will be built for the stream in Corran Ard. Further meeting with Irish rail on 8th August to finalise details for that area of the road. The senior engineer concluded by saying ” The Athy road is the highest priority project the Council have ” and that everything continues to be on course for its delivery.

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