July update on Athy’s new road

At the July meeting of the Athy Municipal District , the senior engineer confirmed that the road is on target.

He confirmed that Iarnrod Eireann have confirmed that the old railway line has been “abandoned”.

This will result in the tracks being removed and both the Council and Iarnrod Eireann are working on a timeframe for this to happen. The preliminary contract is coming to an end and it will soon

result in the diversion of the “Bennettsbride stream” through the new culvert and the removal of the old bridge.

The main contract will be issued by the end of the year with the Senior Engineer currently finalising figures and working on final details. We were informed there will he minor archaeological digs to the right of the railway line. Works on the ESB line on the Tegral soccer pitch will begin in the coming days during the off-season for the club.Following further questions from the Cllrs present, it was confirmed that there were “ no blockages” to the finishing of the road and all the members asked that it be completed in the quickest possible time for the benefit of the entire community.

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