Road notice M7




Press Release


M7 Naas-Newbridge By-Pass Upgrade  


Notification of Overnight Traffic Management Works


R445 (Naas bound) closure and diversion


Please note the following temporary R445 carriageway closure and diversion for the evening of Tuesday, 03 December 2019;


Between 22:00 hrs and 05:00 hrs only, the Naas bound carriageway of the R445 between the new M7 roundabouts will be closed for works.


The Newbridge bound carriageway remains unaffected.


Traffic will be diverted from the R445 at LadytownCrossing up to the Newbridge Road then back along to the Bundle of Sticks Roundabout to access Naas or the M7 westbound slip to continue their journey.


This carriageway will be reopened before 05:00 hrs on the following morning.


This temporary closure is necessary in order to facilitate essential works on the M7 Upgrade project.


Kildare County Council regrets any inconvenience caused.




Ends03 December 2019

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